Copyright information

All contents on this website is written by muhdnurhidayat unless stated otherwise. The theme used is called Soho which came with Blogger, the codes of the theme is owned by Google. The feature image of the website is picture of my AKB48-related physical stuffs, the image is copyrighted by me under the license stated under "Multimedia Elements" section below.

I'm using three different licenses for my contents in general and additional licenses in some exceptions. The three different licenses are used for pure writings, codes and multimedia elements respectively and please read carefully. Do note that these licenses are for contents written by myself, reshared content will be retained respective owners' licenses.

Pure writing

Wherever or whenever the content writing is written by me, the content is automatically licensed under Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) unless stated otherwise. You can read more on CC BY-SA 3.0 on its website or read the full license. This is only applied to the writing, not code example nor multimedia elements as I use separate licenses for them.


Wherever or whenever the content contains some code in any languages, the code is automatically licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. You can read more on Apache 2.0 license at their website.

Multimedia Elements

Wherever or whenever the content contains multimedia elements, it will follow my own set of terms as follow:
  • Embedded Youtube videos : the video is licensed as is original video's license.
  • Images embedded from other website : the image follows original owner's license, I'll make sure it is permitted to be embedded before doing so.
  • Images I upload : I retain all copyright of my own images uploaded unless stated. This means you can't use my images without my permission. Whenever permission is obtained, you must retain the watermark and original resolution, but you must host them yourselves.
  • Other externally hosted contents : I'll mention the license on the post itself.


If you have anything to comment about this content, please send a tweet with the URL link of this content and your comment to the Twitter account @mnh48com, which is created specifically for blog communications. This is because Blogger comment system does not work the way I wanted, and I have disabled it because of that.