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I got part time job!!

Note: "Part time job" could carry two meanings in my place, it's either "a job you do while studying" or "a job done to fill in gaps" and the gap could be anything (eg. holiday) and in both cases, it will just be from 1 day up to 6 months, not a permanent job.

After I finished the last semester of Diploma in Computer Science back in April 2017, I've started to find a part time job to fill in the gap between the time I gets back as Diploma student and the time I get result on study continuation to Bachelor later. I've filled in many job request form in many places, from small market to hypermarkets and offices, using the result of Malaysian Education Certificate (SPM) from 2013 as my Diploma result is not out yet.

After 2 months of waiting, I've got a call from one of the places for a short interview, and I did it, I got the job! The contract is only for one month as it's a part time job, but it could be renewed next month if I want to …

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