Who am I?

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If you have read my posts in the website (either the old or new website) then you might be wondering who am I?

I am muhdnurhidayat, or real name Muhammad Nur Hidayat, the three-word name is my real given name in the real world, I only write my given name and not publish my patronymic name on internet as patronymic name are personal. Also, my name appears to be masculine but I'm not male. Most people on internet will just refer me as "muhd", the first 4 letters of my username. While people in Malaysia will always read "muhd" as "Muhammad", I'm certainly sure that people from other regions will read "muhd" as another 4-letter M-U-H-D or maybe read it as MUH with an D added, something like Muh'd.

In some cases, I use a virtual Japanese name to make me friendly when commenting on Japanese sites or forums, that is Yatsuko YASUYOSHI (安喜弥津子 Yasuyoshi Yatsuko). Even though I am being open to everyone and hates anomity, I still don't share some personal information, but I can tell you that my hometown - the place where I grow - is a small town in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. Good luck finding my hometown, because there are more than hundreds of regions in Sungai Petani and some were overlapping with each other because of the confusing region dividing system. :P Some of the houses uses postcode different from neighbour's houses postcode even though they're in the same region and resides on the same street, and postman from different postcode had to come to same street for delivery because of that. xD It's amusing to see two postman at same time delivering to different house on same street.

Some people might go crazy when they read "Muhammad"... It's common only as a part of given name for Malays in Malaysia regardless gender as it is the name of the prophet in Islam, there will almost always other words with it, it is very rare and awkward for someone to just have "Muhammad" alone as given name here. Most Malay here uses two or three-words given name, though some people tends to use even more words as given name like the girl with longest name in Malaysia "Nur Fathaniah Tariyah Karimah Farwizah Zahabiyah Syahirah binti Airol Anizam" where her given name is 7-word "Nur Fathaniah Tariyah Karimah Farwizah Zahabiyah Syahirah", marked with "binti" (daughter of) and ends with 2-word patronym name "Airol Anizam".

Do note that I'm Malay, I'm not Arabs, and I don't even know (and don't even want to learn) the Arabic language.


I was born in Hospital Alor Setar, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia on one of the Fridays of October 1996. The time passes really fast that I've grown now. The old hospital has moved to a new place and renamed as Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Kedah.


I was able to talk basic Malay when I was 3 years old. Then, I continued my childhood by entering a kindergarten "Tadika GBBM" or its Chinese name is 青团运幼儿园. At this kindergarten, I learn my second language: Mandarin Chinese. More on my education background page.

My primary school was SJK (C) Chung Hwa Sungai Lalang or its Chinese name 双溪拉兰中华学校. I learn English as my third language in a real way starting from year one there.
sekolah lama

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After I graduate from my primary school, I started to apply for secondary school. I request to continue studying in Chinese stream school, but my request was declined because the nearest Chinese secondary school is too far and there's no bus service for me. I ended up in a Malay stream school SMK Bedong. This school is situated in a neighbouring town but still in Sungap Petani. While the spelling is B-E-D-O-N-G, it is actually pronounced more to "BIDONG" (IPA: bidoŋ), most people in Malaysia usually pronounced it wrongly as it's spelling different from normal standard Malay sounds, it's funny when some people pronounced the name wrongly becoming BERDONG (IPA: bədoŋ) or BEIDONG (IPA: bedoŋ). XD The school name also have its own version in Chinese language, that is 美农中学. The Chinese name doesn't quite fit if you're using PinYin as it will be "Mei Nong" right? But, the Chinese name actually did not came from Mandarin but it came from some dialects of Chinese where  really pronounced Bi (IPA: bi) and  pronounced Dong (IPA: doŋ) or sometimes only Do (IPA: do).
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I entered MARA University of Technology, Perlis as a new student, taking Diploma in Computer Science. I will be here for 3 years, or maybe 2½years if I'm lucky. The first semester was on June 2014 to October 2014. At first, I have some difficulties as the classes are so many, plus it's quite far from residential colleges. Accounting was there inside the syllabus even though I've tried avoided it few years back. However, I can adjust to the environment and make new friends, eating at Chu Cafe (a.k.a Kafe Kesinai) together, hang out whenever I have free time (well, university isn't strict like matriculation). By the time I write this article, I have finished sitting my semester final examination and waiting for my result to be announced on 12th November 2014. I hope my results were good enough that I don't need to repeat any subjects so that I can continue straight to the second semester which is on December 2014 to April 2015, the subjects are tough!


The paragraphs above will be added when I grow. As for now, sit back, relax and enjoy AKB48's songs... :3