MuhdNurHidayat Working Depository

All of the files listed here are password-protected as it was meant to share to selected peoples only. However, I can give the password to you if you send a message to me on my Twitter and if I trust you would not reshare the files without my permission.

1. All Assignments CSC238 - 2015 (Size: 9.91MB, CRC32: F553F4CE)
2. Assignment 1 CSC248 (Size: 1.64MB, CRC32: 000AD6E3)
3. Assignment 2 CSC248 (Size: 2.31MB, CRC32: 383D8D8C)
4. Assignment 3 CSC248 (Size: 725KB, CRC32: 76696BB9)
5. Mini Project CSC305 (Size: 1020KB, CRC32: 7F715200)