Bahasa Melayu (Rumi) | بهاس ملايو (جاوي)

Here, I will list all credits and technical information of this website and all of my old blogs, thank you everyone!

Credits for this website


Website and image host: Blogger
Domain host: GoDaddy
Video host: YouTube | Dailymotion

Website information

Website original design: Blogger (Theme is "Soho")
Editing of website design: Myself
Latest visit by Google bot was on
Latest visit by Yahoo! bot was on
Latest visit by MSN bot was on

List of programs I used

Image editor

1. PhotoScape - to edit image or simple editing
2. GIMP - to make transparent background
3. Photoshop CS6 - to edit photo or detailed editing
4. PaintTool SAI - to sketch something
5. MS Paint - to edit quickly without needing quality :P

Video editor

1. Sony Vegas Pro 12 - to do detailed editing
2. Videopad Video Editor by NCH Software - only used when Vegas couldn't edit certain videos

Website tools

1. CoreFTP - to upload and download files to/from server
2. HexChat - to chat in IRC etc

Fansub tools

1. Aegisub - to type subtitle, make karaoke effects, styling fonts
2. MKVToolNix - to extract or insert files into Matroska video container
3. HandBrake - to combine video and subtitle into MP4 video

Credits for my old blogs

Website and domain host: Hostinger
Script host: Dynamic Drive
Image host: Photobucket
Video host: Dailymotion
Cute icons: SugarPink
Original blog design: Cynna
Blog editing and further design: Myself
Reference of colour hexa code: Color Combos
A few writing formats: Shu Jin (formerly Mîss Queennie, now Gabriella Wai Shu Jin)

Plug-ins I've had used

1. AddQuickTag - writing helper, I did wrote about this plugin here (broken link)
2. bbPress - forum system
3. Contact Form 7 - contact form creator system
4. Enable Media Replace - system to replace old images with new images
5. Facebook Comments - Facebook comment system
6. Font - official webfonts plugin - font system
7. Limit Login Attempts - system to limit login attempts
8. Recent Posts Widget Extended - system to show recent articles
9. Regenerate Thumbnails - system to regenerate thumbnails when images are replaced
10. rtSocial - system for readers to share article links to social media
11. Taxonomy Metadata - taxonomy metadata helper
12. Unique Headers - system to show unique headers on different pages
13. Use Any Font - different font system
14. WooSidebars - system to show different widget on different pages
15. WP-PageNavi - website navigation system
16. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) - system to show related articles


If you have anything to comment about this content, please send a tweet with the URL link of this content and your comment to the Twitter account @mnh48com, which is created specifically for blog communications. This is because Blogger comment system does not work the way I wanted, and I have disabled it because of that.