Education Information

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I've placed my latest class timetable at the top for your reference, so you could expect when will I be free (if I'm not doing anything else, like playing games). After the timetable, I'm introducing the education levels that I have went through here, though most of them would not have the class timetable because it has been so long and there's no digital backup of the timetables.

Current education information

Education type: Higher education
Education level: Diploma
Education programme name: Diploma in Computer Science
Education mode: Extended full time
Institution: Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis Branch, Arau, Perlis, Malaysia
Group/class: RCS1106A

Additional info: I need to extend a semester because there are two more subjects that I could not take in time as there are other subjects I failed and had to repeat them.
  1. MAT263 (LA I) - Linear Algebra I
  2. STA116 (IPS) - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Education History

    Most of people in Malaysia are writing age by year, which is different from what other people write, age by first schoolday date. This actually makes some confusion on what is the age for schools in Malaysia, and even Wikipedia is writing it with age by year as it is what people are writing here. For example, you would see people write that we enter the first year of primary school at the age of 7, when in fact we are actually 6 years old at the first schoolday date.
    I'm going to use age by first schoolday date instead of the more common age by year used in Malaysia, because it is more accurate. Furthermore, as we go in higher education levels, the schooling start dates are going to change.
    Stages of my education, click on the link to read more on that stage.
  1. Before Preschool
  2. Preschool
  3. Primary School
  4. Secondary School
  5. University Diploma
  6. University Bachelor