IcoFX is not free anymore...

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Have you heard about IcoFX? Yes, the IcoFX which we love to use to edit icon professionally. IcoFX is quite an old software and it is being used by many users for the past few years, though there are rumours from people that a new version was in development. Our best buddy has now reappeared, but with a very major change for us who have been using the previous versions: IcoFX is no longer freeware.

IcoFX interface.

IcoFX2.12.1, which is the latest version as of writing this article, is available to download as an evaluation version. The full version will be activated after you buy its license. This evaluation version will run for 30 days before it turned to a cut-down demo program with the save functionality disabled.

The full version of new IcoFX supports the creation of both static and animated cursors, with additional options accessible from the Image menu. The options included were things like creating a cursor’s “hotspot” and test the cursor. These features were previously available in a separate sister tool called AniFX. However, AniFX is also no longer available, just like previous free builds of IcoFX. IcoFX also now supports the import of TIFF image, in addition to other already supported formats. IcoFX introduces support for layer-based image editing via its own proprietary IFX format. This is accompanied by a host of new image-editing features, including more sophisticated brushes, a wider range of selection tools (including the magic wand) and a host of multi-colour gradients.

As of writing, there are three different versions of license available, Home License ($29.99/user), Business License ($ 49.99/user) with volume discount available, and Site License ($499.99/site).The previous freeware icon editor was the number one choice of Windows users, but by introducing price tag on to the software, it will be interesting to see what existing users make of the hike in price for new features that won’t necessarily appeal to a wide group of people.

That’s a shame, but although the software is more powerful and easy to use than ever, the fact remains that for many people, the features already present in version 1.6.4 are more than sufficient. You might want to quickly snaffle a copy of the last freeware version by Googling IcoFX 1.6.4 before it disappears forever.


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