The Doom of My Laptop and Introduction to Minetest

In the past few months, my laptop has already showing symptoms of dead like a very longer time to boot among others. However, it is officially dead last week as it would not boot even after leaving it trying to boot for 2 days. I've brought it to the computer shop in the university compound for treatment but it needed an operation at a private medical center but I don't have money ... okay back to topic. I've brought it to the computer shop in the university compound for a quick check to see if it's a problem with RAM or graphics card, but it's not those. The problem is the laptop could not get over POST (if you don't know what is POST then you're not in the field of computer)

When it could not get over POST, it means it can't even load into BIOS yet, leave alone to load the OS like Windows. It is hardware failure. They said some chip might blown up and it need to be sent to their center for further checking, but since the further check and chip replacement will be very expensive to me as a student who only depending on study loan to continue my life, I decided to bring back the laptop and not sending it. The quick check at the shop is free btw. (Edit: I have written article about my study loan so you can read that. Also, this become worst when combined with point no. 5 of "bad" section in my another article.)

From the day, I've stopped all activities that required the laptop, including video editing (I use Sony Vegas Pro OEM ver. for that), subtitle making (Aegisub, Avidemux, Handbrake) and mini programs compiling (Dev-C++, Netbean). I also had to leave indefinitely from playing games and local LAN games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. My internet is bad here btw, I can't play online with the high ping (eg. 5,000 ms).

Laptop no longer turn on, now using phone to do stuff.

For other activities that could be handle by my phone, I started using my phone to do them, this includes doing all my assignments on Microsoft Word for Android, making slides for presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint for Android, hook up 1TB external hard drive via OTG and open it with ES File Explorer, using MX Player to open videos from the file explorer. I continues to write translations using Jota Text Editor and Google Chrome.

I've also spend more time playing mobile games that I've left behind like the LoveLive! School idol festival. I'm also looking for more mobile games since I can no longer use my laptop. While I look at the Google Playstore, I found several games that is similar to games I used to play on laptop, and one of them is Multicraft, which is similar to Minecraft that I played on local LAN. There is Minecraft Pocket Edition but it is expensive.

I don't have Minecraft account, I just play it locally as one of our friend has bought the full game and give us and friends copies of the game, saying that it is legal to copy it to play locally via LAN, and they know we can't afford the full game and it will be useless to buy online account as the online account is very extremely expensive and we would not be able to play much online as the internet here is very bad.

I played Multicraft for two days, then I'm thinking if the game could be modded because Minecraft that we play over LAN were modded. I search for Multicraft's folder in internal storage and I actually found it, and to my surprised, there's another folder inside it and the folder is called "Minetest". Then, I think that must be some sort of engine that Multicraft is using, so I went on and search for Minetest. Surprisingly, I found Minetest website and all the downloads which includes Android APK. I installed the original Minetest from its website and say goodbye to Multicraft. Read more on Minetest on my website dedicated on writing about it here:

Update: You could now help me to have enough money to repair the laptop by supporting me on Patreon!


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