Public Holidays, Events & Festival in Malaysia 2017

A common Malaysia calendar has 4 year system written on it, the regular date written in big text, the Islam date in small text at upper-right, the Tamil date in small text at lower-right, and the Chinese date in vertical at left. I preserve all 4 calendars in this post, but substituting them with month numbers instead of the real month name. Format used in Malaysia is always dd/mm so don't confuse if you're from other country which uses mm/dd.

A typical Malaysian calendar.

January 2017

01/0102/0404/1217/09New Year - January 2017 (School Holiday)
02/0103/0405/1218/09School Holiday
08/0116/0418/1202/10Birthday of Kedah Sultan (Public Holiday in Kedah state of Malaysia)
28/0129/0401/0115/10Chinese New Year - dΔ«ngyΗ’u year 106AR (Public Holiday for whole Malaysia)
29/0101/0502/0116/10Chinese New Year 2nd Day (Public Holiday for whole Malaysia)

February 2017

01/0204/0505/0119/10Federal Territory Day (Public Holiday for Federal Territory of Malaysia)
09/0212/0513/0127/10Thaipusum (Recognized non-holiday event)
11/0214/0515/0129/10Chap Goh Meh (Recognized non-holiday event)
14/0217/0518/0102/11Valentine Day (Recognized non-holiday event)

March 2017

04/0305/0607/0220/11Terengganu Sultan Corronation Anniversary (Public Holiday for Terengganu state of Malaysia)
08/0309/0611/0224/11Women's Day (Recognized non-holiday event)
18/03 - 26/0319/06 - 27/0621/02 - 29/0205/12 - 13/12First semester's mid-semester school holiday for whole Malaysia
23/0324/0626/0210/12Birthday of Johor Sultan (Public Holiday for Johor state of Malaysia)

April 2017

01/0404/0705/0319/12April Fool's Day (Recognized non-holiday event)
04/0407/0708/0322/12Ching Ming Festival (Recognized non-holiday event)
14/0417/0718/0301/01Good Friday (Recognized non-holiday event)
14/0417/0718/0301/01Tamil New Year - Kaliyuga year 5119 (Recognized non-holiday event)
15/0418/0719/0302/01Anniversary of Declaration of Malacca as Historical City (Public Holiday of Malacca state of Malaysia)
24/0427/0728/0311/01Israk and Mikraj (Public Holiday in 3 states - Perlis, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan)
26/0429/0701/0413/01Birthday of Terengganu Sultan (Public Holiday of Terengganu state of Malaysia)


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