April 2017 - What happened to the website?

I don't really think anyone would come and read regularly on my website because the hosting has been up and down quite often. There are times the website is up, and times when it is down. Most of the time it is down because the website itself uses hosting CPU beyond limit.

However, most people might noticed that they landed on a page to select language instead of the normal category page on the homepage. This is because I've moved out from the free hosting and use blogger now, and I'm setting up the domain so that both Malay and English version uses the same domain. This was not possible on the free hosting because it don't allow subdomains to point to other hostings, it means I need to fully use one domain for one hosting as the domain operator was passed to the hosting operator.

Now, on blogger, there is no such restrictions. I can set it up directly in my domain operator. I can set up the subdomain to point to different website. The English subdomain, en.mnh48.com is actually pointing to my newly created blogspot website at mnh48mail.blogspot.com whereas the Malay subdomain, ms.mnh48.com is pointing to the old abandoned but revived blogspot website.

I also recovered the English articles from the free hosting, though it is completely broken as they were written to use Wordpress plugins, and I'll need time to trace the missing tables, images etc and reupload them to blogspot. Whenever I write in one of the different language blogspot, I'll try to update the respective article in other languages too.


If you have anything to comment about this content, please send a tweet with the URL link of this content and your comment to the Twitter account @mnh48com, which is created specifically for blog communications. This is because Blogger comment system does not work the way I wanted, and I have disabled it because of that.