I got part time job!!

Note: "Part time job" could carry two meanings in my place, it's either "a job you do while studying" or "a job done to fill in gaps" and the gap could be anything (eg. holiday) and in both cases, it will just be from 1 day up to 6 months, not a permanent job.

After I finished the last semester of Diploma in Computer Science back in April 2017, I've started to find a part time job to fill in the gap between the time I gets back as Diploma student and the time I get result on study continuation to Bachelor later. I've filled in many job request form in many places, from small market to hypermarkets and offices, using the result of Malaysian Education Certificate (SPM) from 2013 as my Diploma result is not out yet.

After 2 months of waiting, I've got a call from one of the places for a short interview, and I did it, I got the job! The contract is only for one month as it's a part time job, but it could be renewed next month if I want to continue, and the working hour is 9 hours including 1-hour break everyday except one rest day as stated in timetable. In my case, my rest day is on Monday, alongside another staff. Of course the rest days would not be the same for everyone as the hypermarket is opened every single day, who would work if everyone gets the same rest day??

The hypermarket is TESCO, yup, the hypermarket everyone goes at least once in a month because of its great offers and discounts! Not to mention TESCO has Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet, and it's just beside Village Mall where there's a small cinema called "cineplex" plus the brother of KFC, Pizza Hut is also in Village Mall. It's also good for me since Tesco is around 20 minutes away from my house (included the long waiting times of traffic lights at 4 different junctions... by long, it's 150 seconds of each red light if I'm out-of-luck... but not including other variable like traffic jam or roadblocks, which is why I usually go to work 45 minutes earlier).

The first day I'm here, I'm adjusting to the environment as I don't have real working experience yet. The short "entrepeneur simulation" programme that I attend for a year around 2015 is not considered as real experience as it's only around 3 hours of work per day and like only 1 or 2 days per week but it did help me with the adjust here, and the "industrial training" that I went to as a part of syllabus of the diploma, is not a work either as I'm not paid a single cent for the work I've done in the training even though it's also 9 hours per day, 6 days per week (sometimes 7 days).

Ignore the cover of the Malay translated official "kimi no na wa." light novel - "NAMAMU..." released by Kadokawa Gempak Starz Sdn Bhd at the back of my card.

The picture above is my employee card, my picture, actual name, and employee number are covered so no one could replicate the card (the security is strict anyway so you can't go in easily). It just write my name with two words. This reminds me of the old Red Crescent cocurricular uniform where my nametag is also written with two words, though my school uniform has nametag written in full three word first name.

To be honest, I can't imagine if nametag needs a real full name with both first and last name, but it might not be mandatory given that many Malaysian especially Malays have long names, something like Nur Fathaniah Tariyah Karimah Farwizah Zahabiyah Syahirah binti Airol Anizam, where the underlined words is her first name, "binti" is middle name for all Malay females and two words after that is her last name. In this case, she would be called Syahirah among locals unless she explicitly want to be called with other words as Syahirah is the last word of her first name.

Back to the job, I get to the evening shift which means I get to work at 2PM until 11PM (UTC+8 of course). The 1-hour break is on 7PM to 8PM, which is perfect since fast-breaking is around 7:33PM, I could have time to go to bazaar to buy the foods and get back to the cafeteria to break the fast together with other staffs. The cafeteria would allow us bring outside foods because their own food is just way too limited.

I'm in the grocery department, so what I usually do is check for low-on-stock and out-of-stock items, and take them from the warehouse or storage room to refill. That's it. But it's not an easy stuff, considering there's 13 main lanes and many ankle racks, plus promotion items are on entirely different section. Also, I'm short, so I had to use the movable stairs if the item is situated too tall (or I'll just ask the other taller staffs to help, especially if movable stairs are all in use).

While we're arranging items, there will always be "alien", which are items that customer decided not to buy and just put it wherever they feel convenient, and we had to search for its original place and put it back there. Other than that, there are also customers who ask items that's obviously not in the current lane, but that's expected since the hypermarket is so huge, I would also not find the correct lane for certain products, especially rare ones like adult milk powder (baby milk powder is more common) or UHT coconut milk (as it's NOT a drink, it's an ingredient for cooking).

There's certain thing that we can't help and we would just apologize & hoping they would understand, this includes things like warranty (I'm from grocery, not customer service, I don't know anything about warranty) and alcohol-related (Muslims can't handle alcoholic stuffs, not even touch so leave alone taking it and put it into customer trolley... we have non-Muslims handling that but sometimes they have other things to do and let the area unstaffed... Muslims could be charged under state law -- or maybe federal law -- if someone filed a report seeing Muslims touched alcohols in whatever way).


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