Education Information - Before Preschool

    I was born in one of the Fridays in October, 1996. My father was always not at home due to work and I lived with my mother all the time at home. My mother is the one who took a good care of me and helped me to form the basis of my native language, Malay. The Malay that I learnt as a kid is more of the standard form of Malay because my mother herself is using standard Malay, and my father who uses northern dialect of Malay (Kedah Malay) seldomly came home and thus it couldn't affect much of my standard Malay.

    Due to the politics at the time (1996 to 2003), and the prime minister at the time (Tun Dr Mahathir) didn't really care for the people but more towards development, my parents only live with basic amenities. I grew up drinking plain black tea (Teh O) in baby bottle, because the only formulated milk that is suitable for me, the S-26 by Wyeth was too expensive and the salary my father get working in government sector at the time was too low, and sometimes paid late. Only people who grew up in this era knew how hard is life.

    Even with those hardship, my parents taught me some basics stuffs to prepare for the preschool, like how to use the toilet, how to brush teeth and wear my clothes. We, the Malay, and the rest of South-East-Asians, use a different toilet compared to western countries. We use the bum gun instead of the weird toilet paper to wash our bum after excreting. Plus, we were all raised to use squat toilet instead of the sitting toilet.

    My parents also taught me some cultural and religious stuffs so that I behave appropriately. In speaking, I still use the formal Malay word "saya" in all situations instead of the more casual word "aku" as first-person pronoun, because I grew up using the formal word. They also teach me certain basics of Islam as we, the Malay, were born in Islam. They bought some VCD off the night market (pasar malam) that guided me how to pray, among others. Of course, my parents also bought some cartoon VCD like Tom and Jerry like anyone else here.