Education Information - Preschool

    My formal education starts at preschool, which is not compulsory in Malaysia, but most parents will send their kids for preschool education. In 2001, I went for preschool education at the age of 4 years old in a kindergarten: Tadika GBBM Sungai Lalang, Kedah (吉打州双溪拉兰青团运幼儿园) which uses Chinese (Mandarin) as the teaching language. This is because I need to enter Chinese medium preschool to be eligible for Chinese medium primary school. At there, I learnt my second language, Chinese, after been using my native language, Malay at all time before preschool. I also get a Chinese name, Xi Daya (希达雅).
    The subjects I learnt in preschool are:
  1. Malay (国语 as it is national language of Malaysia)
  2. Chinese (华文)
  3. Mathematics (数学)
  4. Science (科学)
  5. Moral Education (道德)
    The kindergarten was situated nearby the police station when I attended it, but since they move around quite a lot, I can't give the exact location. The last time when my young brother attends the kindergarten, it was situated in the neighbourhood of Taman Desa Aman 2 instead, and that place seems to be vacant when I revisit, probably they're moving again.
Known locations of the kindergarten
Seems like the kindergarten location of 2010 is still there on the streetview from 2014


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